Stony Batter

Stony Batter is a 1.3 Km walk from the car park gate. The Eastern end of Waiheke offers great views out over the Batter to Coromandel and several gulf Islands. Highly recommended is an exploration of the tunnel network with a flash-light. Optional tours are available showing the history of this heritage site, dating back to 1941. The total length of the tunnels is around half a mile, with three adjoining gun pits. This is a fascinating place. Set among a landscape peppered with huge rocks, Stony Batter is a geological wonderland. Stony Batter is a historic defence installation at the northeastern end of Waiheke Island. It is sited within a 50 acre (200,000 m²) scenic reserve of the same name, owned by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC). The park serves double duty as a historical (Category 1 Historic Place) and nature reserve, containing unusual rock formations, three significant bush blocks and three concrete gun emplacements with an extensive tunnel system, reputed to be the largest in New Zealand. Bring a torch or you won’t see much beyond the entrance! The tunnels go deep down and are very dark. There are awesome coastal views from the gun emplacements, although the guns have long been removed. If you don’t want to pay, the reserve has some fantastic coastal walks. Pack a picnic and wear you walking shoes, and head to Opopo Bay (1.5 hours return) or Hooks Bay (1.5 hours), both delightful picnic and swimming spots.

Last updated: 4/8/2013